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A holiday in a charming hotel is a unique experience. You don’t need to classify the hotels with stars, because the principal thing offered in these wonderful places is hospitality that you will not find elsewhere. Staying in hotels, bed and breakfasts and agritourism of charm, means to find owners that make you feel at home.

Whether you are staying for just one night, a simple dinner or a whole week of vacation, you will get to discover the true meaning of acceptance, friendship, warmth and conviviality.
Charminly is a website that gives you the opportunity to discover this world of charm, we showcase places that are both catchy and exciting. Carolina and Roberto actually visit these facilities first, meet the owners, validate the structure and services first hand before recommending it to the public.

Thus Charminly is the virtual window of a real and physical world, well known by Carolina and Roberto, who invite you into this wonderful place only after seeing them with their own eyes.
When you choose to vacation in any of the hotels proposed by Charminly, you have access to a wide range of places perfect for many people, especially for those who are intrigued about making new discoveries. They are also perfect for very curious people who are in addition open to new paths and love to be absorbed by new experiences. With Charminly you discover the richness of Italy aside the common routes.

This is because the charming facilities are perfectly integrated into the environment and culture of their country. They keep the tradition alive and they are also fitting to contemporary needs.

Along with a description of the facilities, on Charminly you will find all the places to visit in the surrounding areas, and even time and location of festivals and traditional fairs, historical events, religious rituals, music and dances, and artistic heritage less known. You will find ancient rituals surviving through the centuries almost unchanged, or festivals that had begun a few years ago.

You can get involved in wild dancing in carnivals or relax on the shore of a lake in summer, or why not participate in both, at your own pace!

You could stay in old villas or country houses, in small farms or large estates, from which you can start exploring the surrounding area. Very importantly, you will learn about the food and wine heritage and the most traditional recipes, with the enhancement of food and local products of excellence, what nowadays is called “slow food”- which is the custom and identity of our regions of Italy.

Through the facilities proposed by Charminly you can appreciate the diversity and variety of Italy in its sights and landscapes, cuisine, tradition, dialects and history, which is different from region to region and from town to town. However you will get to understand how united they are in their diversities and are embodied as such in one country.

Let Carolina and Roberto guide you in choosing your unique and inimitable trip, whether you arrive from abroad or from a close town, whether traveling alone or with your partner, if you have kids or you bring your dogs. In the world of Charm, the ancient and the modern meet, when true luxury means to take time to enjoy, see and understand love. Charminly welcomes guests for an unforgettable holiday.

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