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Dubai Musandam trip: Some exciting news for all adventure seekers, Musandam is one of the most famous destinations in Oman for paragliding and parasailing. The best part is that they will always enjoy mind-blowing views, whether of mountains, beaches, valleys or bays, especially the Zighy Bay. Paragliding over the Zighy Bay starts at the Zighy Mountain at a height of 1,000-feet above the ground, then over the beautiful bay. It is an absolutely unmissable experience, especially as there is lots of amazing scenery to explore.

Musandam Oman is home to many beaches strewn with golden sands and blessed with crystal clear turquoise waters. The marine life is rich and varied which makes this place a welcome haven for divers and snorkelers. Enjoy swimming, water sports and beach bumming on the stunning beach or go boating if you will. You can even camp for the night in any of Khasab’s golden beaches. Visit the Wilayat Khasab wadi, and check out the site where the Jebel Hareem Fossils were found. These are fossils of fishes and other marine animals that are 250 million years old! Wadi Shab and Wadi Rawdha have canyons with water flowing around them; try your hand at cliff jumping, canoeing, and swimming.

An even more dramatic boat trip leads out to the famously remote town of Kumzar. The only way to reach the place is by boat – around two and a half hours by dhow or 45 minutes to an hour by speedboat. It is no longer possible to visit the town itself, but it is still well worth the trip out for the magnificent marine scenery. Trips head out into the open sea around the coast, passing the entrance to Khawr Ghob Ali and then past Jazirat al Ghanim (Goat Island). The journey continues into the Strait of Hormuz, with wonderful sea views of craggy headlands, distant islands and oil tankers plying up and down the strait, before turning in towards Kumzar itself, a colourful huddle of buildings wedged below sheer cliffs.

Full day Musandam Dibba tour from Dubai and Sharjah is one of the most demanded activities and very famous among UAE residents and tourist visa holders. It gives an opportunity to UAE single entry visa holders to book this tour as your visa is not cancelled. The tour starts from picking you up from given locations or driving up to the Oman border where our staff will be waiting with your entry permits. You can choose any package from our Khasab Musandam tour packages like full day dhow cruise, half day dhow cruise, Mountain Safari, Musandam Beach Camping, Overnight Dhow Cruise, tour to historical Khumzar village, Kayaking, Banana boat riding, dolphin watching and fishing. Discover even more details at Dubai Musandam Trip.

Khasab, a port city on the Musandam Peninsula, is a must for your travel itinerary! Check out the capital’s Khasab Castle, built in the 17th century by the Portuguese, in order to protect the Strait of Hormuz. Today, the renovated castle features a museum showcasing weapons, clothes, gems and jewellery. In the collection, there is a traditional hand mill and a lock house too. Khasab has restaurants serving Lebanese, Omani, and Indian cuisines. Avid shoppers should not miss out on spending some quality time at the traditional souks, shopping for souvenirs!

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