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Best Lulu’s restaurant near your vacation location? The menu is designed, in part, by the legendary Alice Waters of Chez Panisse in Berkeley (although the kitchen is led by Bay Area cookbook author David Tanis). Which explains the seasonally rotating menu, words like “regenerative food sourcing” and “organic agriculture” that pop up on their website, and the overall focus on California cuisine. Although there are prix-fixe menus at both lunch and dinner, we prefer to use Lulu as a snack break, a nice place to eat Weiser Farm melons draped in prosciutto, handfuls of toasted almonds, or a big ol’ hunk of parmesan cheese. Because while larger dishes, like rigatoni and squash blossoms or a steak brushed with tomato-y Romesco sauce, aren’t bad, they can be a bit snoozy. Discover even more information at Lulus nearby.

But while the addition may fit snugly within the fabric of the museum, it is doubtful that it will become a stop on the viewing experience for most patrons. The restaurant demands a level of elegance that Bruins frequenting the Hammer, which strives to serve its college-aged residents, may not want to embrace on a casual art excursion. Atmosphere aside, the formal sit-down format could also deter everyday museumgoers, setting the Hammer aside from other museums with casual, quick cafes. While menu items such as an iced tea at the Getty Center or the Huntington Museum of Art may be overpriced, these cafes seek to satisfy quick cravings or quench a visitor’s thirst. But Lulu embarks on another journey entirely.

Clifton’s Republic is a magical place to eat, drink and explore. Once a multi-café franchise – founded in 1931 by Clifford Clinton – this specific Clifton’s, in Downtown Los Angeles, is the last one standing. It shut down in 2011 for restoration and has been reopening in phases since 2015. Clifton’s stands five stories tall and includes a cafeteria, the Pacific Seas tiki bar, and a Redwoods-themed bar that features taxidermy tableaus and an artificial tree that rises through multiple floors. The Marketplace cafeteria serves American comfort food and desserts, and the Monarch drinks lounge and Gothic Bar offer craft cocktails and beer. The Pacific Seas specializes in Polynesian food and tiki drinks.

Gondola Adventures offers a romantic cruise along the Newport Harbor in an original Venetian gondola. Your excursion can even feature a singing gondolier, if you wish. Watch the sunset, have a glass of champagne and a picnic lunch or dinner, exchange a few kisses, and enjoy the pure romance of this unique cruise. If you are looking for date night ideas in Newport Beach, this is a great romantic activity. There are specially decorated wedding gondolas that are beautifully carved and ornate if you want to pop the question or tie the knot in a unique setting. There are gondolas with a canopy for privacy, shade, or protection from rain. And there are also gondolas with a motor to get you a bit farther along the harbor.

But by following the pomegranates, diners won’t be disappointed. The autumnal fruit threaded across the menu, appearing on both menus in a salad, atop a dessert and as a drink. Not bogged down by sugar like typical soft drinks, the fruit soda was refreshing and its flavor clear. Despite its $8 price, the deeply pigmented drink is as beautiful as it is the perfect companion for the menu. For a selection dotted with wild mushrooms and prosciutto that averages at about $15 per item, Lulu’s pricing does do an exceptional job at making organic, sustainable food accessible. Offering an additional 10% student discount on their prix fixe, the restaurant still aligns with the Hammer’s principle of serving UCLA as well as the diverse demographics of greater Los Angeles but could easily feel too elevated and ward off visitors. Within museum walls, Lulu strives to be a model for food’s future, supporting local farmers and offering familiar food. See additional details on

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