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Let’s talk about the best travel blogs in 2019. World is flooded with travel blogs so bloggers are forced to become more and more professional, comprehensive, posts get bigger and bigger, filled with more and more information, pictures and other travel things. Here are a few travel blogs that i like visiting.

Drew Binksy, Drew is another Arizona native. Drew has been traveling the world since he left college and has made a full-time career working for himself. He’s known as the Snapchat genius. He’s created his own travel show through Snapchat. He works with several different brands and sponsors, is part of the GoPro Family, and writes for Elite Daily as well as the Huffington Post.

Stuck In Customs: Described as a ‘Daily Photo Adventure’, this blog showcases Trey Ratcliff’s amazing travel photos. Of most interest to aspiring photographers are the step-by-step guides to how he took them. His guide to HDR photography is arguably one of the best on the web. Fluent In 3 Months: Irishman Benny Lewis sets himself language challenges, and along the way shows how you too can learn another language cheaply and quickly.

Chris Christensen started The Amateur Traveler podcast in 2005, and he continues to produce shows and blog about his travels on his award-winning travel podcast and blog. Christensen’s goal is to help his audience, whether they listen to or read his content, decide where to go for their next adventure. Today, Amateur Traveler is a mashup of videos, podcast episodes, and blog posts, written by Christensen and his team in addition to a few guest bloggers, that are sure to motivate you to travel. Hand Luggage Only is a travel and photography blog by Yaya and Lloyd, who love to travel and eat; thus, their blog is described as coming “with a side of food and photography inspiration.” Their goal in starting the blog was to share their travel stories and photos with like-minded travelers and connect with others around the world to have a two-way conversation, and it is safe to say that have achieved that goal, judging from the number of followers they have and the quality of their posts.

Y Travel Blog, A passionate couple started their inspirational travel blogging in 2010 by sharing their own travels to different destinations. They have lived in 5 countries and traveled to 52 countries. Even having kids could not stop them. They have very interesting ideas and advice for their visitors and give especially good information about how to travel as a family. They earn money by selling flights, hotels, travel insurance and guides, as well as their own products in their store. They have more than 45,000 followers on Instagram and also use many other social media platforms to promote their blog.

Another blog that i like, a website that i like a lot, is TforTraveller , a travel blog with comprehensive travel articles. The content i like the most are the 72 hours guides, they are perfect for maximizing your fun in a short weekend break. With articles published on a variety of topics, from budget travel to an adventure re pieces, you ‘ll be transported to destinations that will make you want to drop everything and pack your bags. We understand that everyone is different You might want to get away for a long weekend, take an extended vacation, or even set off with no return date. Come join us on our journey as we set off to find the most exciting places and activities that the world has to offer, tailored to you. See more travel info on TforTraveller.

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