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Sardinia … an amazing spot to see.. Not far north of Oristano is one of Sardinia’s most atmospheric and diverse archaeological attractions, where you can see a remarkably preserved “holy well” – a well temple from 1200-1100 BC – and a nuraghe tower where you can climb to its open wildflower-strewn roof for views down onto the prehistoric stone village that surrounded it. One of the oblong houses still has its stone roof intact. Take a flashlight so you can see the interior as you climb to the nuraghe roof. If you want another layer of history, stop between the well and the nuraghe to see the group of tiny stone pilgrim lodgings, former monks’ cells surrounding a 12th-century church. Pilgrimages still come here in May and October.

Staying in London once should be on the goal list of any person who likes to see the world. The city of London is huge! With millions of people and tons of foxes (which I’m sure outnumber us Londoners), the city and metropolitan area is ginormous, to say the least! If you’ve only got a few short days in the city, try to stay in the area you want to explore (or at least close by). This will save you a whole lotta time travelling across the city every day. especially as travelling in London can add up to several hours per day in transport time.

Advantages taking private Rome tours: You can gain access to exclusive experiences. Yes, you can plan your own friends and/or family vacation without the help of a tour company. But you may be missing out on some incredible experiences that are just not available to the general public. On many of our private tours, we are able to set up exclusive experiences like private tastings with winemakers, a private luncheon at local chef’s residence and garden, a wine blending session with a winery owner, or walking tours that dive deeper than the general public tours that just skim the surface.

My best picks for travel locations that i believe must be seen at least once. Northern Europe and especially Denmark is a fabulous travel destination. Oslo, Norway – Surrounded by water, mountains and forests, Oslo is an easy-going city with a fine array of international museums, parks and galleries. Lovers of contemporary architecture will want to check out the city’s fantastic modern buildings – the striking Opera House, the Astrup Fearnley Museum and the state-of-the art ‘floating’ Holmenkollen ski jump – but there’s plenty for history buffs and art fans too. Museums devoted to subjects as diverse as Polar exploration, wartime Resistance, Viking ships, the Kon-Tiki expedition and, of course, Edvard Munch and his famous Scream are all here.

Different Adventure Travel destinations:

If you’re looking for grand adventures to truly push you to your limits, then The Adventurists can help. This company’s excursions aren’t just about organizing trips for tourists to foreign lands, but are focused on creating unique experiences for real adventurers. For instance, the Mongol Rally is an overland road trip that sends drivers across Europe and Asia in a tiny car, while the Rickshaw Run is a race across Thailand in the titular vehicles. But perhaps the most intriguing of all is the Mongol Derby, which is billed as the longest and toughest race horse in the world. The Derby sends you off on a wild adventure covering 1000 km across the Mongolian Steppe on horseback, passing through a series of checkpoints while en route. This is a true adventure that isn’t for those looking for a guided tour, but instead want to leave the well-worn path behind and chart their own course.

By curating information over 500 cities and 3000 attractions globally, we help you decide where to go and what to do. We understand that people have different ways of discovering their next trip. Sometimes, just reading short descriptions isn’t enough to give you inspirations for your travel destinations; you need more stories from different perpectives. For this reason, we present our blog to our beloved travelers around the world. On our blog, we write helpful and interesting stories to inspire and help our beloved travel addicts. Beginner travelers can find useful information about travel destinations, experiences, and tips. Those with travel experiences can also find unique, fresh and most up to date travel stories. More details at Compare Tours Ticket Prices.

Top destinations for holidays with kids, a huge challenge for families with kids. Let’s list some destinations that are good for kids. It’s Alaska’s 60th anniversary of statehood in 2019, and they’re rolling out the red carpet to celebrate, including new direct flights from Newark to Anchorage-making the 49th State much more accessible. Although cruises may be the most familiar way to explore The Last Frontier, you can actually DIY an Alaska adventure. Base yourself in Anchorage and rent a car to drive south on the Seward Highway. Stop at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center to see native wildlife such as bison, reindeer and brown bears. Continue on to Seward for a day cruise around Kenai Fjords National Park and a stop at the Alaska SeaLife Center for a special encounter with sea otters and puffins. Back in Anchorage, return the car and hop aboard the Alaska Railroad to Denali National Park to explore North America’s tallest mountain and meet the sled dogs who work here.

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