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Booking a desert safari during the safari season is more costly than during off peak season. So you must be having questions like ‘are desert safaris more expensive during summer vacations?’ or ‘What is the average price of a Dubai desert safari?’. When it comes to this, the more you pay the better. For instance, if you planned on buying a Mercedes Benz, you wouldn’t be searching for a cheaper alternative to the car or a dupe that costs less. So why compromise with the desert safari? Just keep in mind, the more the price the better the experience.

Bus safaris might sound like the cheapest option; however, they don’t come with much of an experience. It really depends on your provider, but since it is group basis, you will surely spend more time waiting around than experiencing the desert. Safaris that use a 4 wheel Drive promise more of an experience in terms of dune bashing. Since the desert is off-terrain it should be explored by a 4WD and nothing less.

Prices may vary from one company to another. The other factor on which desert safari prices depend is the vehicle type. As stated above, desert needs n off-terrain vehicle which is why the cost is more. Prices for safari range between 19 USD for bus safari and 260 USD for a private dune safari with dinner.

If your visit to Dubai is planned between the months of May up to August, then for your luck the possibility of prices reducing is more. However, the climate is hot so the experience might be a bit sweaty and not as pleasant as it is during the peak times (September to March)

Other factors that affect the Dubai Safari prices are

– The season of travel : peak times call for higher desert safari Dubai cost per person
– Vehicle type: 4 wheel off terrain vehicles cost more than the bus safari
– The city you are staying in

Safaris are one of the many things that are expensive but give a good return on money (if you chose reputed operators) in terms of experience, memories and the opportunity to explore the desert and a bit of UAE culture. Life is not counted by money, but by experiences you have made throughout the world. You might not want to hear this, but there is no cheap in desert safari, it’s either expensive or very expensive.

So let’s assume you want the usual, travel in a 4WD, camel riding, dinner buffet, dune bashing, belly dance, Tanoura Dance etc, then you should set a budget of 40 -45 USD per person.

But, if you are in the mood for a splurge or want to have an unforgettable memory on a special occasion (like wedding anniversary) then you would definitely need something a bit more luxurious. More personalized service, transport in Land Rovers, private settings, etc then maintain a budget of 150-260 USD per person.

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